Chapter 5

After she left, Nani and Arnav asked Krystal, “How was Khushi’s behavior before your lives were in danger?”

Krystal told them, “She was very depressed for two reasons and angry with her life. Depressed because she couldn’t find her cousins and the second was because she felt that she failed to protect us when all these attacks started. Angry because people whom her parents had trusted turned out to be scoundrels and was devising methods to tackle them.”

Arnav asked, “Do you know since when all this happening? What is reason behind her anger and depression?”

Lavanya replied, “We don’t know why she is depressed. But we know why she is angry.”

Akash asked, “Why?”

Payal replied, “Because people whom her parents had trusted the most cheated them.”

Dhruv asked, “How?”

Payal replied, “Her parents had trusted the ‘Goenkas’ and fixed her marriage with Shaurya Goenka, only son of Rajnath Goenka and Sakshi Goenka. When Choti Ma found out that Shaurya was a playboy and raped girls for his own pleasure she was very furious.

But she didn’t tell anything to her parents as she didn’t want them to break off their friendship with Sakshi & Rajnath Goenka because of this. According to her Sakshi & Rajnath Goenka were very good people unlike Shaurya.

She understood her mistake when she came to know of their intentions after our parents died. Soon after her parents died our parents were also killed in accidents. The Goenkas wanted Choti Ma to leave all of us and move in with them. They just wanted her wealth.

As soon as Choti Ma got to know of this she broke off the marriage alliance with Shaurya and also all the relations which she had with the Goenka family. Even after everything happened, Shaurya Goenka would keep on calling her and pestering her to marry him.”

NK asked, “So what should we all do now to help her?”

Arnav suggested, “For now let us just gather proof about the Goenka family and help her out with the matter of Shaurya. Later we can see what we can do after that. Ok?”

All agreed. Except Khushi everyone else had their breakfast and left for their work. As soon as Arnav, Anjali, Akash, NK, Dhruv reached AR Designs, they contacted the same private detective agency whom they had contacted to gather information of Shyam Manohar Jha.

They asked to gather every single detail of Shaurya Goenka and his family both legal, illegal, personal and business related, everything means everything as soon as possible.


Chapter 4

Hearing this all were stunned. Nani asked Khushi, “Why Payal, Krystal and Lavanya were calling her as ‘CHOTI MA’?”

Khushi replied, “They were all calling her as ‘CHOTI MA’ because when their parents were killed in accident they were very small, being the eldest among them she had to literally take care of them as their second mother.”

Just then Krystal asked Khushi, “Did you have your medicines?” Khushi replied, “She didn’t.” Khushi told Krystal, “Instead of bothering about me, bother about handling Nimisha, your work and our families.”

Everyone were furious hearing her statement. They all together said, “They don’t care about their work but they cared about her as she is a very important part of their family.”

Just then Khushi got a call and she just blasted off that person and hung up the call. After she hung up, Krystal asked, “Who it was?” Khushi replied, “Her Ex-Fiance.”

Hearing this Arnav and rest of his family were shocked where as Krystal told, “To specify who it was?” Khushi replied, “Shaurya.”

Hearing this Payal, Lavanya and Krystal were furious and asked, “What that bastard wanted now?” Khushi told them, “Don’t worry. Just relax. I have taken care of it. From now on he would never be able to create trouble for anyone.”

All were shocked to hear this. They asked, “What she did?” Khushi replied, “Just wait and watch.” Khushi then said, “She going to bed as she has a very long day tomorrow.” Before anyone could stop her, she left the room.

Arnav told Krystal, “Give me a plate of food and her medicines. I will make sure that she has them before she slept.” Krystal went and got the food and medicines.

Arnav took it from her and went to his room, only to find Khushi standing alone in the poolside and crying. Arnav consoled her somehow made Khushi have her food and medicines and took her to bed. Soon after going to bed Arnav slept off, whereas Khushi stayed awake for a long time.

She woke up at 5 am after managing to grab three hours sleep. She showered and went to kitchen, started preparing breakfast and lunch for everyone.

By the time Arnav got up she was half way through breakfast preparations. Soon after everyone gathered Khushi told Nani, “She has to leave for office now. By the time she returns it will be very late. So please don’t wait for me.”

Nani and Arnav told her to go after having breakfast. She didn’t listen. She just left.


Chapter 3

It was one month after Arnav and Khushi got married. One fine day when all were having breakfast Khushi got a call after attending the call she was shocked and left the house. Arnav, Akash, NK, Dhruv and Anjali were shocked at her behavior and followed her. She went to PSR Group Of Hospitals.

When she entered all of them wished her as if she is the owner of the hospital. She went directly to the ICU found Maan, Rishabh, Viren, Virat, Arjun and Sameer. As soon as they saw Khushi they all went, touched her feet and sought her blessings. She asked about Nimisha.

Just then the Doctor came out. As soon as he saw Khushi he called her ‘Vedika’. She immediately went touched his feet and asked about Nimisha. When the Doctor said Nimisha is better but very weak.

She said they will take care of her very well saying she turned around to go out. There she saw Arnav, Akash, NK, Dhruv and Anjali were standing there. As soon as she saw them understood they heard everything.

So she said she will explain everything as soon as they get home. When they came out of the hospital two men were coming in. As soon as they saw Khushi they came running to her and handed her pouch and a set of keys.

Khushi thanked them and came out of the hospital and went directly to the BMW car parked there. Before getting into the car she said to them she will meet them directly at home and immediately got into the car and drove away.

Arnav, Akash, NK, Dhruv and Anjali reached home and Khushi also reached soon after them. Before Khushi reached Arnav, Akash, NK, Dhruv and Anjali had gathered everyone in the living room and while waiting for Khushi they told everyone what all they witnessed.

As soon as Khushi entered Payal, Lavanya, Krystal rushed to her calling her “Choti Maa”. This shocked everyone to the core.

Nani asked Khushi what this was about. Khushi first of all told Payal, Lavanya, Krystal to relax as Nimisha was out of danger. Khushi told Nani that she, Payal, Lavanya and Krystal had hidden their real identities from them as their lives were in danger. Hearing this all were shocked.

Khushi then told yesterday the person because of whom they were all hiding was caught. She said before telling my real identity I will show you some photos if you know any of them please tell me she requested.

They all agreed. Khushi then turned to Krystal who in turn nodded her head and went to bring the necessary equipments, while Khushi went to bring her laptop. She then put some photos which Anjali and Nani recognized.

Then she revealed her true identity as Vedika Khushi Singhaniya, where as Payal was Dr. Piyali Payal Rathod, Lavanya was Navya Lavanya Khurana and Krystal was Kavya Krystal Kapoor. Khushi told Nani they hid the truth from them because if the threat double dangerous for her and her cousins, then it was triple dangerous for the Raizadas.

She then told Nani she and her cousins had business to handle and as they were already away from it for past one and a half years, they have to go to office tomorrow. Anjali asked, “What are the name of their companies?”


Krystal told Nani, “Other than the business which they are handling, KHUSHI is the Head of EMERGENCY TASK FORCE (ETF) & SPECIAL CRIME BRANCH TEAM. The SPECIAL CRIME BRANCH Team consists of Khushi (Head), Lavanya, Payal (Gynecologist & Forensic Expert) and Krystal.”

She also told that, “Their brothers Maan Singh Khurana, Rishabh Singh Khurana, Aman Mathur were also there in the team.”

Everyone were shocked. Khushi told Nani that she was searching for their family for the past 10 years. She found them five years ago. Since then she has been protecting Arnav and everyone in their family from all the attacks planned by Arnav’s Business Rivals, Shyam and Atul Malik.


Next morning Arnav asked Khushi’s for forgiveness but she refused and headed to the kitchen to help Payal in making breakfast while Arnav got dressed and came down for breakfast.

As soon as, Arnav and Akash reached office they first thing they did was to contact the best private detective and fix a meeting. Arnav then asked Aman to gather all the statements of Shyam’s and Anjali’s bank accounts ever since Shyam married Anjali and also Shyam’s call records for the past one year. Soon they had all the details with them and were ready to expose SHYAM MANOHAR JHA.

Arnav, Khushi, Akash and Payal gathered the Raizadas and Guptas before exposing Shyam to Nani, Mama, Mami, NK and Anjali were shocked. Arnav told that Shyam had lied to him saying Khushi loves Shyam, he married Khushi because of two reasons one was he wanted Shyam to change his attitude and the second was he wanted to protect both Khushi and Anjali from Shyam. Arnav said that he wishes to marry Khushi again by following all the rituals correctly. At first everyone were angry at Arnav then they understood why he did that and agreed to the marriage. But Khushi was still angry with Arnav for everything he did to her.

Khushi left RM and went back to Gupta house; she stayed there for some time. Then she went away somewhere all of a sudden. No one knew where she went Arnav was running his business as well as searching for Khushi.

Four weeks after Khushi went missing, Arnav was sitting with the whole family including the Guptas and he was watching news whereas others were talking. All of a sudden Khushi’s photo was shown in the news. They saw that she was in Mumbai. Everyone immediately encouraged Arnav to go to Mumbai and win her back.

Akash immediately arranged Arnav’s tickets to Mumbai. Arnav tracked down where Khushi was staying in Mumbai and is trying to win her back. Finally four weeks after Arnav reached Mumbai Khushi forgives him and agrees to marry him.

The very next day, Arnav Khushi reached Delhi and meet with their family. Everyone is happy that Khushi forgave Arnav and agreed to get married to him. Soon Arnav and Khushi got married with the elders’ blessings.


As soon as Arnav got to know the truth of Shyam, he runs to Khushi. Arnav pleads to Khushi to forgive him but she is very hurt by his accusations and ill treatment. Khushi gives him cold treatment for many days.

Khushi tells Payal, “Jiji please tell Shyam’s truth to Akash Jijaji as soon as possible. If possible today itself.”

Khushi then went to Arnav and told him that she needs his help in revealing Shyam’s truth to Anjali and rest of the family. Arnav agrees to help her in return asks for her forgiveness. She told him, “After all the hurt you have inflicted on me, all the accusations you have accused me of and the bad treatment you have meted out towards me, and you expect me to forgive you easily!!! Anyway I have taken the first step by telling Jiji to tell Jijaji and to meet us at our room in the night without anyone knowing.”

Hari Prakash (HP) came to call them for dinner. They came down for dinner. Khushi went straight to kitchen, where she met Payal. She silently asked Payal, “What was Akash Jijaji’s reaction?”

Payal replied, “Akash was very angry but I managed to calm him down by telling him to talk to Arnavji later.”

They then proceeded towards the dining table where everyone were waiting for them. They all had dinner. Khushi & Payal cleaned the table and went to their rooms. After half an hour Payal and Akash went to Arnav and Khushi’s room to discuss about their further action.

As soon as Akash enters Arnav’s room he angrily asked, “Whats the plan and how is it going to be executed?”

Khushi told, “The plan is that I and Payal Jiji will give hints to Anjali Di as if all this happened to one of our friends while you and Arnavji collects Shyam’s bank statements, call records and arrange a private detective to find out about Shyam.” They all agreed.


I am starting a new story in which characters from Madhubala, Arjun, IPKKND, EHMMBH & Geet are included.


What happens when one finds out that not only their wives are in real their cousins whom they have been searching for many years. They are not only Billionaires with international business which is steadily flourishing, but also working in saving their home country from all evils?


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